My eyes have contemplated the spectacle of the grape harvest one hundred and twenty-nine times. I have talked enough about the moonlight. Don’t ask me about anything else. just listen to the voice of the vines when there is no longer a breath of wind. I am Massimago.
della Valpolicella DOCG
“The selection of the grapes, from a single vineyard at 350 mt over the sea level on the top of the hill , traces an unbreakable bound between the soul of this mineral soil and the long evolution of its wine. After a long and constant comparison between man and nature we proudly achieve the best expression of Massiamgo. Verticality and fullbodyness and complexity of its line reminds the purity of the traditional Amarone.
The best way to enjoy it: share it with the deariest friends”.

Corvina 0

Corvinone 0

Rondinella 0

WINE: Dry red wine;

CERTIFICATION: From organic grapes;

GRAPES: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella;

SOIL TYPE: Massimago estate (Mezzane di Sotto) – Limestone soil;

ALTITUDE: 350 mt.

DENSITY: 5000 plants/hectare;




days of drying


months ageing in wood


months in bottle

VINIFICATION: Once The grapes have been carefully selected by hand, are placed in flat wooden trays and left to dry for 90 days in our special “fruttaio” (drying barn) where humidity and temperature are strictly controlled. After the grape crushing starts a cold maceration of 5 days. The alchoolic fermentation is very slow and runs for 30 days. The malolactic fermentation takes place in 20 hectolitres french oak barrels in our cellars which lie deep in the rock below our house. The ageing process continues for 30 months in wood and a further 12 months in the bottle.

ALCOHOL: 16,50 % vol.

SUGAR: 2,3 G/L

CHARACTERISTICS: Red deep color. The nose is extremely intense with notes of wood barn, mint, oriental spices and Mediterranean flavors. Deeply aromatic to the palate, it carries hints of cherry and black pepper. Minimal sugar residues for an austere and velvety taste with a barely perceptible salty finish.

PAIRING: Complex and flavoursome meat dishes, Fiorentina beef steak, game, roasted and stewed wildboar. Long aged cheeses. International cuisine: Asado argentino, long cooking meat dishes.

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