Maximum Agium

Massimago derives linguistically from Maximum Agium, the Latin words which mean maximum level of well-being. The estate is nestled in the valley of Mezzane, in the most hidden part of Valpolicella. Owned by the Cracco family (Camilla’s mother’s family) since 1883, it was renovated and relaunched as Winery and Wine Relais, in 2003.
la storia di massimago dal 1883 con il primo
camilla of massimago winery

Camilla Rossi Chauvenet

Young guardian and creator of Massimago.

“From a warm and inviting country home, Massimago has been transformed into an artist’s studio - a creative workshop where I can turn my ideas into reality...
Over the past 15 years it has been rising among other wineries as a company with a clear identity.

Over these years I’ve learned a lot from Nature, from people who believe in my project and especially from my mistakes and my successes.
Massimago walk together, tightly hand in hand, step by step, and sooner or later we will arrive, but please do not hurry us; time in nature is slow and unstoppable.”

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