Maximum Agium

Massimago linguistacally derives from the latin Maximum Agium, used by the ancient Romans to express their idea of the maximum level of well-being. The estate is nestled in the valley of Mezzane, in the most hidden part of Valpolicella. The property, owned by the Cracco family since 1883 (on Camilla’s mother side of the family), was renovated and relauched as a Winery and Relais in 2003.

Our Winery

Massimago is proud to have at the helm of their well-established winery a female figure. Camilla Rossi Chauvenet, with her extraordinary expertise in the field of wine, has made a significant mark on the Massimago label.
The winery is nestled in the Mezzane valley, an area of Valpolicella a little wilder than others, with a microclimate that offers the ideal environment for the cultivation of vines.
The Cracco family has owned the estate since 1883 and started the cultivation of grapes in the second half of the nineteenth century. They’re method of production has since been very linked to local traditions.

Today Massimago is recognized as an innovative winery, thanks to the contribution of Camilla, a real self made woman who, with determination and enthusiasm, believed in the potentialities of this extraordinary territory, capable of producing an Amarone of rare elegance.

Camilla Rossi Chauvenet

Young guardian and creator of Massimago.

``From a warm and inviting country home, Massimago has been transformed into an artist’s studio - a creative workshop where I can turn my ideas into reality...
Over the past 15 years it has been rising among other wineries as a company with a clear identity.

Over these years I’ve learned a lot from Nature, from people who believe in my project and especially from my mistakes and my successes.
Massimago and myself are walking alongside, tightly hand in hand, step by step, and sooner or later we will arrive, but please do not hurry us; time in nature is slow and unstoppable.``


Is made up of a few bottles, selected grapes, precise hands, rigour and patience.


An authentic expression of the land that surrounds us, of our feelings and the history that precedes us. Each vintage has a different charm.


Every day we try to be sustainable and consistent in every little choice, we have received a gift to protect and enhance.


We communicate a slow world in a fast way for an online and offline community interested in living wine through a unique experience.


We believe in Hospitality as a way to learn from our guests and to share our emotions.
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